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Skvost for Stella Artois

Unique collection of jewelry initiated by the star of Stella Artois along with Adela Banášová to be bestowed on extraordinary women.

In exclusive collaboration with Stella Artois designer Lucia Šimončič of Skvost will offer a limited edition of the special collection of unique brooches under the label Skvost for Stella Artois. This special collection was designed to honour exceptional and extraordinary women who are guests of TV-star and moderator Adela Banášová in her Slovak TV theater talk show „trochu inak“.

Stella Artois is a well known Belgian beer which combines elegance and refinement. Starting in 2015 Stella Artois became partner of the famous Slovak TV talk show „trochu inak“ which was founded by Adela Banášová and who also moderates this special talk show. This year Stella Artois decided to bestow on Adela and all her extraordinary and special guests during the course of 2016/2017 a special gift – unique brooches from the Skvost for Stella Artois collection. This collection was designed as a special project in collaboration with designer Lucia Šimončič.

Limited collection comprises of 44 exclusive models inspired by the star of Stella Artois. Perfect Harmony of color white, red and gold relate to the logo of the star of Stella Artois. Each brooch Skvost for Stella Artois is a rare original, hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals, pearls and precious beads. It is a stunning accessory for the fashion-conscious woman.

"Brooches are my passion. They are expressive, elegant, timeless. And light, so that they can be pinned to even the finest material. Their creation is a matter of the heart for me and I am looking for inspiration all around. Creating a special collection was a challenge for me, that I was happy to take. The star symbolizing the brand Stella Artois is a wonderful element, which compliments the brooch perfectly, "said designer Lucia Šimončič.

Every lady who will be in the course of 2016 guest of the theater talk show „trochu inak” will be gifted with this magnificent piece of jewelry, with which Stella Artois recognizes the extraordinary women. The first lady, to which Adela handed over the brooch was opera diva Adriana Kučerová, who was very happy from it. "quote from Adriana"