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Skvost for Miss Slovakia

Unique collection of jewelry inspired by the star compliments the most beautiful Slovak ladies
Brand Stella Artois has decided as a part of a special project to gift the most beautiful women in Slovakia with original jewelry. Exclusively in collaboration with designer Lucia Šimončič and her brand SKVOST they bring a limited edition of brooches. 13 precious pieces from this collection will dress the finalists of the Miss Slovakia 2016.
Beauty contest Miss Slovakia is very popular in our country. In 20 years, it has become a symbol of elegance and tradition. Exactly as that, is perceived around the world the Belgian brand Stella Artois, which combines refinement and sophistication. This year they come with a unique project, as a part of which they gift exceptional women from all walks of social and cultural life. In collaboration with designer Lucia Šimončič and her brand SKVOST a unique collection of brooches SKVOST for Stella Artois was created. The first proud bearers became exceptionally beautiful women - finalists of the beauty contest Miss Slovakia 2016.
"Finalists of Miss are exceptional not only for their beauty, but also for the ability to fight for a cause and achieve their dream. They can inspire other Slovak women not to be afraid to go get their goals. Just as this special jewelry collection, in which each brooch is unique, I see as a symbol of the fact that each is unique and can be, "said Director of the Miss Slovakia Karolína Chomisteková.
Limited collection comprises 44 exclusive models, inspired by the star of Stella Artois. Perfect Harmony of color white, red and gold is based on the brand logo. Each brooch SKVOST for Stella Artois is a rare original, hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals and pearls and precious beads. It is a magnificent complement to the exceptional and everyday opportunities that will brighten up any woman.
„Brooches are my passion. They are expressive, elegant, timeless. And light weight, that they can be clipped on and around even the finest material. Their creation is a matter of the heart for me and I am looking for inspirations all around. The creation of this collection was a challenge for me, that I was happy to take. The star symbolizing the brand Stella Artois is a wonderful element, that compliments the brooch perfectly, "said designer Lucia Šimončič.